Thursday, May 28, 2009

What number should I choose....

My mom will be 70 this year. She does not look nor act it. She's in great shape because she works out just about every day. I should be so good. She travels, parties, has a good time all the time. Most people guess that she's in her early 60's, if that.

I remembered this image I colored in when I saw my friend Peggy's card using the same stamp set. I pulled it out and went from there with scraps from Betsy! I love that paper. I know my mom loves blue and yellow so I decided that maybe I'll give it to her.

I left the number out because I am not sure what to put. I don't want it to be 70. I thought about 39 or 49 to be different, but I'm just not sure what to put. What do you think?

I usually think decorating the inside is such a waste of time but I had the yellow pieces left over and figured I'd use them.


Pia said...

Great card, what about a star or question mark instead of a number?
Happy Birthday to your MOM!

Peggy said...

I'm a little fried from work today so I'm not thinking correctly but I think the ? or something funny should go there. Thanks for linking my blog.

Paula said...

I think you should put 21 (again)...she'd probably get a kick out of that...card is adorable! Hope you get to stamping soon...don't worry, I stamped enough for both of us this weekend! (big evil grin!)