Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Birthday and Mother's Day...

My dh's birthday is Monday but we have to celebrate on Mother's Day. It's always the same each year. My son and his fiance can't come two days in a row so we just group them together. The big question is always, "Who's going to cook?" We can't take everyone out to dinner because it would be way too expensive paying for six. My kids don't have the money to pay their own way and I can't very well make my mom pay.

So......we (me) made some marinade, cut up the meat (dh) and we'll make kebabs tomorrow. We make chicken and steak with zucchini, summer squash, mushrooms, orange peppers and Vidalia onions. It's really delish!

I also asked dh what kind of cake he wanted. I thought for sure he'd say Carvel but he decided on the ice cream sandwich cake so I made that today. I got the recipe from Kraft Foods Family & Friends cookbook.

I was about to make a couple of cards, one more for dh from my son, when I got a call for a last minute showing. So I ran around cleaning instead.

I just now finished the card and I'm not making another. I kept it pretty simple since it had to look masculine. I mostly used Bazzill cs (from Linda). I'm not sure who makes that pp but I love it for guys cards. The stamp is from Whipper Snapper.

I hope all of my mom friends have a fantastic Mother's Day!


Peggy said...

Great card. I agree about the DP. It is very mascaline and it's not easy making Male cards as you know. Good luck with the showing!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Cute card, but I'm focused on the food, LOL! Kebobs sound great, as does the ice cream cake. Yummy :)

maia said...

Love the color combo on this! This koala is absolutely adaptable!

Amy said...

This stamp couldn't get any cuter!! GREAT card!