Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finished and unfinished projects...

Well, I had a semi long list to finish during vacation. I got a couple of things done but I never made it to the library, got an oil change, finished cleaning out craft bins.

I did finish the monogrammed cards for a wedding I'm not going to. I need to find more things to monogram. Someone suggested some nice guest soaps. Not sure yet. I can't make it heavy because my df is carrying it to France for me. I so wish I could go.

I did clean out one craft bin but I have two more in my mom's closet that I need to get rid of before we move.

I finished a book, I scrapped, I mailed my dad's bday gift. I don't even remember what else was on there but I ran out of steam.

We may take a ride tomorrow to the Maine coast. We'll see.


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Sounds like you got an awful lot done to me! Vacation is about rest and relaxation anyway, not long to-do lists :)

Hope you guys have a wonderful drive up and back - be sure to eat some more seafood for moi!

maia said...

I think you got a lot of things done. It is better than just not tackling anything if you know what I mean.

Have fun on your drive up to Maine! and enjoy the rest of your vacation days!