Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend update...

No Friday Feast for me because....I was AT THE BEACH!!! I really miss the ocean. We used to go to a family cottage on Cape Cod and it's no longer owned in part by my dh. I really, really miss the beach. Dh doesn't like it any more. He's not supposed to be in the sun, etc. So we've taken a ride to the shore but haven't stopped.

I took a vacation day and went to meet my friend in Plum Island. We relaxed on the beach for several hours. It was so nice! It was supposed to be incredibly hot and muggy. There was a nice breeze at the beach but it was pretty hot when we got back to her house.

Anyhoo, I got sunburned and tanned against my dermatologist's wishes. I look so much better with color!!

Oh - question for anyone who frequents the ocean...the green heads were out and biting. I felt the stings as they were happening but I guess I didn't realize I'd be itching like crazy the rest of the weekend. The bites look like welts or huge mosquito bites. Is that normal?!!

Sat. we cleaned ALL day and rearranged things for our open house on Sun. TWO people came. least it looks sparkly!

Sun. I went to band practice with dh. I got to shop while they practiced for a bit and then I sat and listened. They sounded great! My ears were ringing at the end.


Theresa said...

Was wondering where you were- glad you had fun at the beach. I love a good tan too, although it takes a while to get these days wearing my 30 SPF. Can't help on the green head thing--nice having a sparkly house, good luck selling.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Oddly, I don't think there *was* a Feast put up this week! Great timing! LOL

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I didn't do a Friday Feast either. I looked a couple of times Friday morning and never saw a new one. So I don't think you missed out :)

Glad you had fun at the beach, hope the sunburn isn't too bad. I burn in about 10 minutes, so the beach is a no-no for me :) OK, I actually hardly ever go to the beach, so I don't even know what a greenhead is. Is that like a jellyfish? Ick.

So sorry you didn't have more show up for the open house. All of that work, but at least you can enjoy it. Hope you guys find a buyer soon :)

maia said...

There you are !!!! ;-). glad you had a wonderful time at the beach. I miss hearing the ocean waves and the breeze. I would be hiding out under the shade though because I become red and burn easily.

I would love to hear your dh play with the band someday. They must sound so good!

SnoopMurph said...

A day at the beach sounds like fun! I always loved getting tan and have been much more cautious since living out in the desert about the sun. This is the first summer that I have been remotely tan in a long time. So, enjoy it!

What are green heads? Yuck! Hope the welts go away soon.

Wow, DH is in a band? I didn't know that! What does he play? What type of music? COOL!

mamichelle said...
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