Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Answers & clarifications...

Just thought I'd answer a few....

Greenheads are a type of horsefly that really sting when they bite. They come at a certain time of year and last for a couple of weeks. I know they frequent MA beaches but I'm not sure about others. I don't remember them being at Cape Cod all the years we went. Anyway, they are nasty and I'm still scratching like a cat at my bites/welts!!

My dh plays rhythm guitar with a coworker of mine and some other guys. They play classic rock. Some of their current songs: Lord of the Thighs/Aerosmith, Jenny, Jenny (can't remember who does that), Burning for You/Blue Oyster Cult, Wayward Son/Kansas, maybe?, a Steely Dan tune, China Grove/Doobies, Surrender/Cheap Trick. They're really good!

p.s. I did have my SPF 15 and 30 on and I still worry about the damage, but I just can't stay away!

p.p.s. Thanks so much for being such loyal readers! I appreciate the company!!


maia said...

Here I thought greenheads were a type of jellyfish ;-) lol ... Somehow this reminds me of your corn+sugar post hehe.

Let me just tell you that reading your blog is part of my daily routines ;-). Take care !!! you're a great online buddy too.

maia said...

ps. I played Surrender too in guitar hero :-). Love that song !

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ok, had never heard of greenheads, so thanks for clarifying. I'm not a beach kind of girl, but I don't think they have those down here :) Glad you had some good SPF on.

The list of songs really got me - China Grove, mostly. I was on the drill team in high school and our audition/try-out routine to make the squad was a long routine set to that song. Oh, the memories!

Have a great day :)

Theresa said...

The band sounds cool- does he do any gigs, do they just get together for fun.

Glad to hear about the SPF, I used to be a babyoil, and tin foil tanner, but when I moved to CA one of the first people I met was a guy with skin cancer, and it is icky- so I am big on sun screen now.