Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Favorite Meme...

Got this from Stacy over at Exceedingly Mundane (not). Let me know if you're playing! ;-)

Sport: Snowmobiling?
Game: Backgammon
Color: Aqua
Movie: Big Fat Greek Wedding
Broadway play I have seen: never seen any
Broadway Musical I have seen: never seen any
Song: Samba Pa Ti (Santana instrumental)
American city I have visited: New York City
Foreign city I have visited: Aruba
Book: Water for Elephants (Sara Gruen)
Children’s Book: The Giving Tree/Shel Silverstein
Classic television show: Mash
Recent television show: Grey's Anatomy
Actor: George Clooney
Actress: Charlize Theron
Perfume: Bath & Body Works Freshwater Cucumber
Food: Mexican
Dessert: cheesecake
Chain Restaurant: Chili’s
Local Restaurant: Scola's (Italian)
Car: Mazda 3 or 6 (this was edited. I orig. said Explorer b/c I drive one but I don't remember doing that!!)
Condiment: Dijonnaise
Kitchen Appliance: Dishwasher!
Home Appliance: Bose docking station (is that an appliance?)
Beauty Product: Cover Girl lipstick (discontinued)
Piece of clothing: Tim Holtz tshirt
HGTV Show: Design on a Dime? I love most of them!
Food Network show: None
Author: James Patterson
Male Songwriter: Eric Clapton
Female Songwriter: Sheryl Crow
Holiday: Christmas
Ballet I have seen: Nutcracker
Disney character: Mickey
Flower: blue hydrangeas
Alcoholic drink: margarita
Non-Alcoholic drink: water
Magazine: Paper Crafts
Animated movie: Bambi
Television network miniseries: none
Season: Summer
Male vocalist: Eric Clapton
Female vocalist: Sheryl Crow
Day of the week: Saturday
Household Chore: laundry
Ice Cream: Pistachio
Candy: Almond Joy
Artist: Tim Holtz (since I couldn't come up with a famous fav!)


marianne walker said...

always fun to learn something new about someone :)

BTW, The color of the pale background is BG10. The scan makes it look lighter than it really is, then I blended it with the 0.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

So fun, I'm so glad you played along! Loved the peek inside and as expected, we have many in common. Big Fat Greek Wedding was in my top 5 list. I had such a hard time with this meme, narrowing stuff down. Chinese or Mexican or Italian on food. Tiramisu or cheesecake on dessert. I haven't played backgammon in ages, is there one on facebook we can play?! LOL!

I'm totally jealous you have a Bose station. But we have a Wii, nananananah!

Hope you're having a good day :)

SnoopMurph said...

I love reading yours...what is dijonnaise? Sounds yummy!

Tim Holtz is pretty great!

I will definitely be posting this list. I love memes!

Theresa said...

Love backgammon-used to play all the time in the late 70's and early 80's- but haven't played much since. But I definitely could play over a picture of margarita's with you-maybe on our vegas trip (see last comment of mine from lucky me--i missed a few days and am catiching up)

Loved reading all the rest of the answers, always helps to get to know a blog buddy better.