Saturday, January 12, 2008

Teenage driving....

Scares me half to death! Just when I thought I was getting "OK" with my 17 yo driving, he came in last night and said he and his buddies just hit a telephone pole. There was black ice and they didn't realize it. His friend was driving. They were heading straight for it but at the last minute, they went the other way and his mirror hit on the passenger side and snapped back and shattered the window.

They had glass all over them but they were fine. This morning my son woke up to glass jabbing his leg. Apparently the two of them who slept here must have kept their sweatshirts on and the glass was in the pockets. Need to vacuum it all up down here. I don't want to step on it!

I am so thankful that they are fine. I know where it happened and they weren't going fast, just turning a corner. I hope it's a wake up call when it's late at night and the roads are wet. I'll be a nervous wreck once again tonight.

I am going out to see a Blues band though. My hubby is staying home to watch his precious Patriots which is fine. I don't blame him at all. It is the playoffs!!


Theresa said...

So glad your son and his friends are ok

Have fun at the blues concert-sounds fun:)

and I agree with your hubby- go pats, I think they deserve to go all the way.

SnoopMurph said...

Wow, glad the kids are okay, but boy, they do provide a lot of blog material for you, huh??