Thursday, January 10, 2008

High School Days - Then vs. Now....

I hope you'll play along. I've been thinking about how funny it would be to post high school photos and I thought of a few questions to go along with the photo. I'll share a couple more photos later.

1. What was your favorite food and is it still the same? I used to love sweets then. My mom's baked goods were the best! I'm still the same ol' sweet tooth and I love to bake.

2. What was your hair color and is it the same (via bottle or natural)? My hair was blonde and is currently blonde with the help of highlights.

3. Was your personality any different back then than it is now? I was pretty shy then. I won't speak up in a big meeting still, but I will start a conversation with a stranger in the elevator. And I will speak up for myself to a person or two.

4. Were you a follower or leader? I was a follower and definitely caved into peer pressure. I acted tough around the tough kids. I smoked because my friends did, etc. I'll leave it at that.

Today, I am a little of both. I tend to start little groups (craft related) and try to get people going but I am mostly a follower (no caving in to peer pressure though!).

5. What kind of music did you listen to back then? Same now? I was definitely a Classic Rock kind of girl. I still love some Classic Rock like Eagles, Steve Miller, Allman Bros., but it's not what I have tuned in on the radio. I'm not sure what genre you call the music I listen to - maybe Adult Contemporary or Alternative? It's definitely not top 40 or disco/rap.

6. Did you have a lot of friends or just a few good ones? I had a lot of different friends. I hung out with the hippies, the jocks and brainiacs. I guess I'm the same now. I do have a bunch of friends but not any really close ones. My bff lives in MI.

7. What was your clothing like? Were you a trendsetter or conservative? And what about now? I wore bell bottomed hip hugger jeans, pheasant tops, tube tops and short shorts, etc. My mom always made sure I had the latest clothes. I guess I'm pretty much the same now but I try to buy a combination of trendy and classic. I definitely do NOT wear tube tops and short shorts! LOL

8. Did you have hobbies/activities then? And now - same or different? Back then I was not a crafty person. I never played any sports either. I was a dancer (ballet, tap & jazz) and that took up my time.

9. What was your favorite color? Still the same? Mine was red back then. My room was red, black and white. I love turquoise (I guess that's what you call it - light teal/aqua).

10. What did you want to be when you grew up? In my yearbook I said I wanted to marry my bf and be a secretary. LOL I did marry my bf, became a secretary for a while and moved up the ranks a bit.

Ok, have fun and let me know if you're playing along! Here's my photo. I couldn't find a print so I had to take a photo from my scrapbook. The quality isn't great.


Jodi said...

I will get to this later tonight!

Theresa said...

Great and Fun posts- I love your picture- too cute, want to pinch those checks :)

Patti said...

Fun post! I'm going to try to answer these on my blog this weekend!