Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Blah, blah, blah....

Just ramblings. I took a personal day today. First I had a final Sp.Ed. meeting at my ds' school. That went very well! I was so happy to hear the positive for a change. It was a huge relief.

Came home to eat and oldest called me AGAIN to get his insurance info. I'm going to strangle him if I have to look it up one more time. I faxed to his dr. last night but the number were too small. Grrrrr.......some day he will do all of these things himself. I shouldn't complain, the kid works as many hours as they'll give him. When he's not working, he's at school.

Anyway, I have a dentist appt. later for a filling. Before that my youngest will probably call to have me pick him up at school and/or drive him to work.

So much for the "PERSONAL" day. It wasn't mine.

I just have to share that I agonzied over a card last night. My boss asked me to make one for someone who is returning to work. I couldn't decide what colors to use, what design, etc. - all because she asked me to make it. If I was sitting there playing, it would have been easy. I hate the pressure I put on myself but can't do a thing about it.

I'll have to finish it after the dentist if there's time before dinner.


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Hey girl! Sorry your personal day wasn't all that personal or fun or carefree for you. If it makes you feel any better, I had to go to the dentist today also :) No filling, just a cleaning, but still!

Hope all is well. We've been having computer problems here. Last week, my laptop died, then our website server. So no laptop, no photos, no recipes, no blogging, nothing for me. We may be down another week or two and I will probably be without my laptop for 2-3 more weeks. Thank goodness we hung onto my old desktop, at least I can read other blogs!

Have a good week :)

Juls said...


A mom never gets a break do they? I hope your day includes a little fun like maybe some scrapping or just a nice long soak in the tub!!

SnoopMurph said...

I am sorry that your personal day wasn't more exciting for you-especially the dentist! (reminds me that I need to schedule a cleaning-waaaay overdue)

I think it's hard to squeeze out the creativity when it's not flowing. But your cards are gorgeous, so I am betting it will be great.

Theresa said...

Good luck with the card- however seeing your past work I now it will be great.

Next time you take a personal day, I want to hear of something fun you did-that's an order!!!