Sunday, November 18, 2007

A little hairy....

We went up to Maine yesterday to visit our land. Sounds funny, I know. We met with our builder to talk about excavating to get a jump on it.

We took a trip to Evan's pass on the way home. It's part of the White Mountain National Forest. It was really pretty. They do not maintain the roads during winter. The gate wasn't closed so we thought we'd give it a shot. We've never been through before. we go. We ran into a little bit of snow, just a dusting really. Then it got to be very icy where the sun didn't hit the road. Then more snow. We had no place to turn around and it was getting scary. We were worried about having to go down or up a big hill with icy roads.

We stuck with it and it was fine. It was really steep at times but not so much the road, just the cliffs to the side of the road!

The sun was so bright, the photos didn't come out great. Here are a few anyway. I guess I can turn this into a thankful post. I'm so thankful we made it out alive! Can't wait to visit here in the fall or summer.


SnoopMurph said...

So beautiful! I am really happy that you made it back safely! I know how treacherous it can be to drive in icy weather. Love the photos and how did you get the diagonal layout?? I love that!

maia said...

How scary !! I am so glad you came back safely. I have heard of folks getting lost in the icy roads and they had no way of turning back.

The scenery is really beautiful.

Diana said...

Loved the pictures on SBA. I saved the water one as my wallpaper. I so would like to go to Maine, Vermont and NH someday. How far is that from Boston? My brother lives on Martha's Vineyard year-round and my son lives in Philly you'd think I could get up there. My son has to travel to bean town now to oversee a Marriott there - maybe sometime when he's there we can fly into Logan and stay up there.
Being in the back woods you never know when it's going to snow. You always have to be prepared. It's that way in Colorado. 70 today (really) and 32 on Tuesday. GO figure it will be crappy for Thanksgiving.

Theresa said...

wow, such a beautiful landscape-
I am glad you made it back safely- I get scared on winding mountain roads - and thats without the ice and snow.