Thursday, November 29, 2007

At last count....

After last night, I'm up to about 50-55 Christmas cards. I have to make at least 80. I'm out of paper for my main design and it's a specialty paper that the lss doesn't carry (well, they carry it but not that color). I ordered a pack of 50 from them and used every bit. So I need to come up with a simple design so that I can make up a quick 30.

Do you ever feel like things come in bunches? I know they say they come in threes but I recently had to make a bunch of baby cards. Now I'm on to sympathy!! I've sent out three so far and have one more to go. I want to move onto a new category!!

I'm having trouble posting any photos because I got a new camera and the card doesn't fit in my USB or my adapter. So I need to install the software and hook up with the USB cable and haven't had time. Maybe tonight after yoga.


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Gosh, that's a lot of cards! Woo-hoo for you girl :) I haven't even signed the store-bought boxed greeting cards yet, so you are miles ahead of me :)

What kind of camera did you get? I was like that when I got my new one. My old camera had a USB card so I could just pop it in the side of my laptop. Not so on the new one, it uses compactflash. Bummer. I had to dig out an old card reader and attach it. Have fun with your new camera :)

Theresa said...

I couldn't imagine making that many christmas cards- I cheated and had Kodak do my cards, it is the first time I am doing a photo card.

Sorry to hear about your losses, and hope you move on to a new category too.

SnoopMurph said...

I know what you mean about moving the categories along. I remember getting fried on making Christmas cards.

I lost my USB cable somewhere in the house, I've been hunting high and low with no luck.

Diana said...

Don't you hate it when you have to quit and go to the LSS? That takes the most time I think. I've been "shopping" at home - I gotta alot! I only made about 20 Xmas cards and I thought that was too many.