Monday, November 05, 2007

Last one out...

DH is off to work once again after a long 6 months. I finally get to be the last one out in the a.m. I thought it was nice....

I ended up having to empty the trash & take out dinner for tonight. So...I was finally heading out the know how us women are, always multi-tasking. I grabbed my Macy's bag (return), work bag, lunch bag, purse, coffee, and the recyleables (sp?) to put out on the way through the garage. My hands and arms were completely full and my cell phone started playing, Love Me Do by the Beatles. This is my dh. I quickly tried to put my coffee mug down (spilled a little) and two bags so that I could search through my purse for the cell phone.

Finally answered and he asked me if I hit something with his car. NO, I told him. So apparently my ds hit something and didn't realize it or just kept it from us. He said it's a scrape below the driver's door which looks like it was from a curb. Grrrrrrrrrr.....this kid needs a car he can beat up, not my dh's one year old car which now has a scrape and a dent on the back fender (someone else did this in a parking lot).

I proceeded to pick up the recyleables and toss them, picked up my bags and purse and got in the car. I hope tomorrow morning is a better last one out!!! :-)


Betsy in ar said...

last one out means your a rotten egg, lol!
Sorry about the car. Aren't kids fun?
Love ya!

BeccaGirl said...

Oh goodness! I hope the rest of your day picks up! LOL

I got to your blog from the Friday's Feast last week and I see that you enjoy memes (me too!) I am visiting more and more from the list to invite them to come see a meme I just started. It's called 'Give Me Five' Monday meme and it's fun and easy to participate in.
I'd love for you to come read about it and possibly participate! Thanks so much, BeccA!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Oh no, bummer on the scrape. My dad got me a really old, ugly, beat up vehicle to get me through my teenage years. I ran over trashcans and mailboxes with that one and it didn't hurt anyone's feelings, hahaha!

Hope tomorrow morning is MUCH better!

Theresa said...

Yes sounds like you need to buy hima $500 junker-so you couldn't even notice a new scratch.

Hope you enjoy your last person out more tomorrow!