Thursday, September 13, 2007

He he on me!!

Ok, remember I posted about the people who used their card to get through the non-existent access gate at work? That was me this a.m. I was the first in line and was in deep thought (ds issues again :-(| ) and I drove up, scanned my card and looked forward to the stump and laughed.

I watched the others drive up (only two) while I was walking by and only the first one did the same as I did.

Stupid thing but I got a much needed chuckle!

I start my yoga-lates class tonight. I probably won't be able to walk tomorrow!!!!!


Jodi said...

Silly girl!! Have fun at your class tonight! I need to find a body toning class to join!

maia said...

LOL. I do that sometimes too. I use my badge at the main lobby entrance when it is open to the public between 8-5.

Have fun during your yoga class. I started doing some pilates by watching a howto video. I didn't finish all the routines but I felt it the next day. ;-). I'll probably go back and do that once everything is in the clear.

BTW, I would love to have your herb bread recipe if you don't mind. I'd like to try it. :-) thanks !!! you can email me if you still have my addy otherwise you can post it on my blog. :-) thanks a bunch !!!!