Friday, July 13, 2007

My not-so-beach day....

I never got the chance to walk the beach. I barely got the chance to take a photo because my dh never stopped. We drove by restaurant after restaurant. We settled for one that was decent but very family-ish. The lobster roll was delish but the ambiance just wasn't there. I laughed while I was drinking water and choked. I had a coughing fit and couldn't breathe out. It was just a bunch of large gulps of air going in. This happened to me before and my dh almost called 911. Not sure why I get those spasms but I guess I should find out.

So, I should have started to say we got off the wrong exit because my dh was talking about his interview today. So we got lost, ended up on this street that had lots of beaches and guess what? The speed limit went down to 25 and we got pulled over. Luckily we got a warning. DH told the cop that we were looking at the map because we were lost and didn't notice the 25 sign. Whew!

So we continued down the Maine coast through Old Orchard Beach (no stops), Kennebunkport (no GW sightings, thank God), Kennebunk, Ogunquit and finally stopped in Wells for lunch (this was 3:45). Drove the rest of the way down the coast, got on the highway and home.

We may or may not end up going for the fried clams in Gloucester today. My dh has an informal interview and I'm a nervous wreck....

More later.

This is from the other trip to Maine....Moooooooo! Which is what I feel like after eating all this food!

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