Saturday, July 21, 2007

General babble...

We went out to dinner last night with friends to a new (to us) restaurant. It was really nice. We tried to sit outside but it got really windy so we finished our drinks and headed in for dinner.

Today I signed up for a class for next Sat. so that I can meet Sally Lynn and Marta. I'm excited. I"ve never met an SBA'er before. I spoke with Gofordiana on the phone once but never met anyone. So it'll be fun. It's an hour away from me and the class starts at 10 so I'll get an early start.

I'm really proud of my 17 yo son. He went to his friend's 21st bday party tonight at a hall. His parents are having a family & friends gathering. So I thought he could get a ride home because it ends at midnight. He called when he got there and asked if I could pick him up at 11:30. He said the friend may be drinking because they had beer there for the family (thought this was a really bad idea on their part since some kids are under 21). Anyway, I was happy that he was smart enough to say he wanted a ride instead of getting in someone's car who had been drinking. NOT happy about going out at 11:15 but that's ok.

Sat outside on the patio today. It was gorgeous out! Nice cool breeze, nice warm sun....ahhhhhh.....still haven't had that margarita!!!

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