Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Update on surgery

Well, the dr. said my son could wait for his surgery on the 22nd. Yeah! What a relief. He is not doing well in school and I don't want him to miss any. Thanks to everyone who posted good thoughts and prayers. I really need them at this point with him. I asked my oldest to have a chat with him. He's just so angry and distant. I'm worried.

We have an appt. today for my son's teeth. I really hope it's good news. It's amazing though. The kid who punched him went after someone at school yesterday without getting caught. It was a kid who could easily handle himself. He grabbed him and shoved him against a locker and said not to mess with him. I wonder if we went forward with the case if he would have learned his lesson? I doubt it.

Well, another day that my coworker is in. She's due any day now so I keep holding my breath on it. I want her to go for her sake but not mine. Work is really, really busy!! I suppose the earlier she leaves, the earlier she returns! I'll be starting the spring semester on my own. :-(

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Angie said...

Keep us posted on your son's teeth. Hey Michelle, some day you'll have two dil's that you can have the same relationship with that I have with Erynn. Hugs!