Monday, November 27, 2006

Too long between posts!

It's been a little hectic at my house. My son had hernia surgery (double) on Wed. We spent all day there (7:30 - 3:30). We had a quiet Thanksgiving with just the four of us. It was very nice!

My son was in a lot of pain but he's back to school today without pain meds. I wonder how he made out.

I got some Christmas cards done over the weekend. I still have about 60 to go though. I'm tired of one design and the other is too much work. I need to come up with another and get them done! I'm usually signing & stuffing them by now.

The other issue at my house is we had two bathrooms tiled. It's a mess. One was done and we had to wait a day to use that while they did the second one. We went Sunday without a shower! Ugh....not fun. Last night my boys had to shower and this morning 3 of us took turns. It was tough being out of my bathroom and showering in the other and then moving to the basement bathroom to do makeup and all that. Today my hubby will seal the boys bathroom so we'll have to stay off that for another day and then he'll do mine. I don't honestly know how people do it with one bathroom per family. I guess you don't know any other way so it's not a problem. When you are used to 2 full baths and 2 halfs, it's tough to fit everyone's schedule into one and the halfs!!! I'm very happy they're looking good but it's tough. It'll all be over soon.....

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