Wednesday, July 05, 2006

July 4th

Well, it was kind of strange yesterday. My oldest son was in Maine, my youngest was swimming with friends, and my mom was at a cookout that we didn't want to go to. We just wanted to hang out and do our own thing. It was very quiet though. I went to the mall and exchanged some things and bought others. I found a dress for the next wedding & I'm very excited about that!

We ended up going out for dinner at a local casual restaurant. We both got a big 25 oz. beer and a lobster roll. Our tradition has been boiling lobsters for 4th of July but we had no one to do it with! So we ended up having it anyway. I broke the diet again by eating the roll & some fries. We also had some boneless buffalo tenders that had a little bit of breading on them. YUM...but NOT on the diet. I will be on the right track today and for the rest of the weekend! I think I gained a total of 2 lbs. back. Not too bad since I ate a lot at the wedding & over the weekend!

I scrapped 2 more pages last night! YEAH! I think that's 7 pgs. for the weekend!

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