Sunday, July 16, 2006

Better days...

Ok, things are going much better around here.

I got to scrap the other night and did 2 pages, one Frankentoe and one family reunion page. Nothing last night because we ended up going to JCP after the anniversary party and then put the curtains up in our bedroom. They look nice.

Today my dh is off to a jam session and my mom returns home this afternoon. So....I could lay out in the sun and get some color on my white legs (and sweat to death since it's around 90), or I could clean (NOT - did most of it), or SCRAP some more!!! I also have to make a card for my cousin, the cop. He's always looking out for us so I have to make a personal one for him. He loves orange so that's where I"m starting.

Back to work tomorrow and also the start of summer school for my ds. Wish me luck!!

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