Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's been a few days....

I took Mon. & Tues. as vacation days so I've been off the computer.

Yesterday I set out on my walk after applying ocean scented lotion. I read in a magazine that bugs don't like the smell. So....on I went and almost stepped on a squashed turtle and then some frogs. I went down the swampy winding road and low and behold the horsefly started on me. I thought he'd go away but he was relentless as usual. I cut my walk short and headed home to exercise on the ball.

We went to Loew's got some nice curtains and decorative rods. They don't fit. The window is too close to the wall so we'll be heading out again for that. We also have to check into our plan at verizon.

I have been on a scrapping roll! I got 4 more los done and I also made a card for my cousin. Last night I used my stitches set from CTMH and made a card for my sil (aug. bday). So I'm ahead of myself - yeah!!

I hate the thoughts of going back to work tomorrow but I may take Fri. off. Still nothing on the job front but getting closer. He has been on two interviews and is waiting to hear back. My fingers are crossed. More later...

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