Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Well, it's been a while....

My back is somewhat better. I've started the South Beach diet and I'm on my second week. I've lost 6 lbs. so far. I was successful in controlling myself last weekend which was very tough. I had a party at my neighbor's where the margaritas were flowing (my favorite) and I refrained. They also had TONS of apps and I did not have anything. I went to my cousin's graduation party the next day and didn't have anything but what was on my diet and had two low carb beers. My mouth was watering over the cake but I didn't even have a bite. I was so proud of myself. Now I have to get through Memorial Weekend without indulging. We are heading to Maine. I'm planning on packing lots of veggies and stuff for salads so that I'm not tempted. I'll stick to low carb beer again since that didn't seem to bother me.

I'm so excited...my cousin from LA is coming in this week for his brother's wedding. He will be visiting us either Thurs. or Fri. night. I just love him. He's a riot! And the boys love him because he's very artsy (photographer & also used to design windows on Rodeo Dr., now works for Armani). I have to get my house back together as much as I can.

We''ve had painters for a couple of weeks now so my rooms have the screens sitting in them, the windows are filthy but I don't want to clean them until they're done. The house looks great with the new paint. Hopefully the shutters will go back on today. The porch is coming along also. I'll have to post photos when I get time. I wasn't crazy over the color. I wanted a watery blue and it's kind of too bright during daylight. It's perfect at night though. So...I picked out a new paint for the second coat. I'm hoping it's what I want. We've ordered new cushions for the patio furniture and will get the hot tub soon. They are tiling the upper porch floor today and will then move on to the bathrooms. I have to hurry up and pick out the tiles!!! Then we're doing wood in the entire downstairs of the house. Whew! Moving too fast for me but John is concerned he'll have a job and won't have time. He interviewed yesterday and it seemed like it may work but I don't want to jinx it. Keep your fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!

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