Friday, May 05, 2006

Another weekend already!

Oh, I'm so happy Fri. is finally here! It is a gorgeous day out (almost 80). I had a quiet week email wise because my good friend was away! Hope she had fun!! It's been a zoo at work so I haven't had the time anyway.

Picked out some tile for the bathrooms last night and took samples home. I'll have to make a decision before my husband drives me crazy!!!!!!! 8-})

IWe're grilling steaks & I just have to have a margarita (or five) for Cinco de Mayo. I may end up getting one for lunch with a friend. I need to relax a bit!

Tomorrow I'll go to my fav store (stamp/scrap) and enjoy their anniversary sale & fun. Then I have to pick up the flowers for Greg's gf's prom. Yikes...he tried on the tux last night and looked soooo grown up! The pants were a mile long so I pinned them and John took them back today. They said he should have been there when we picked it up. I told him to tell them that THEY should have given him the pants he was MEASURED for! I'm not sure how he made out yet.

Oh, and he's back to the girl pants!! I'm very disappointed. I hope it doesn't last long. I asked about the jeans I spent a fortune on and he said he'll wear them once in a while. Grrrrrr.....

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