Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Well, my back is out again. It started yesterday and it almost felt better by bed time. I woke up in pain this a.m. I'm beginning to wonder if it's my mattress. I've been walking around with Deep Heat on so my new perfume is mentholyptus! Yuck.

I just reread my post on Fri. I did NOT have a margarita at lunch or at home on Fri. It was a little hectic and I ended up having a couple of Coronas with lime instead.

Sat. was good. I made my paint can at the lss and spent a decent amount of money that I don't have!! Ahhhh.....retail therapy! Gotta love it. Took photos of Greg which was a little stressful. He was not cooperating. John and I ended up at Lui Lui after Home Depot on Sat. night. The pizza (chicken, broccoli, white sauce) was delicious!!!!!! Sunday.....hmmmmm...I can't remember what happened. Oh yeah, we grilled outside but had to eat inside. It was a little chilly. E & his gf joined us. Then I went into my room and made several birthday & mom 's day cards.

My house was painted yesterday. I'll have to take a photo. John called me at work to say that the paint was much darker and could I zip home (20 min. one way) and take a look? I said that I could not since my boss was in and I was swamped. So he said he'd tell them to go ahead and I said fine. It came out really nice! It's what I wanted originally so mistakes can be good!!

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