Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Fourth of July revisited...

I just realized that I whizzed by the Fourth without blinking. I always forget whether I've posted on FB or another message board I go to, or blogger. My 4th was fantastic! We relaxed in our new pool all day, cooked some fabulous food and had some margaritas. Then the fireworks started. I had a view of the fireworks from a couple of towns surrounding us and then all the private displays. It was tremendous!! I sat on the porch for a bit and looked across the street and to the left and right. They were everywhere!! I am truly amazed at the amount of money people must spend on their fireworks. And actually, the third was better than the fourth!! My hubby said he'd never spend money on fireworks when he can see so many for free! LOL When it was too buggy, we just watched from the family room windows. Wow, it really was amazing! No more fighting crowds for us.

Every time I clicked, the display would fizzle out or if I anticipated a nice one, I clicked too early. I am not a good photographer! Here's what I got.

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