Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pet Peeves....

I just have to vent for a second because I have nothing to post!

If you had to drive up to a card swiper to get through a gate in order to park each day, wouldn't you have your ID ready when you got to the reader?!! I shake my head just about every day because someone pulls in, sometimes they're talking on the cell, other times I can see them searching for their ID. It drives me out of what's left of my mind!! have to do this every day. Why don't you think of it on your way up the street, or leave it in a spot in your car so that you have it ready?! This way others won't sit behind you or on the street in traffic, waiting for the line of cars to pull in!!

And number two pet peeve for today: If I take the time to wait and hold the door for you, would you PLEASE take the door and maybe say thank you?! I've had people come up and walk right in so I'm left holding the door. I think I was nice enough to hold it. Why do I have to stand there and wait until they let the second door slam on me while the first one is being held?!

I feel so much better. Thanks for listening!!

Oh, and I'm having issues making cards in the new but not organized room. I cannot find any bling. What did I do with it?! I'm all discombobulated (sp.?).


Marta said...

{{Hugs}} Sounds like some people didn't take their consideration meds. Probably the same people, who would beep at you, if you did the same to them.

Hope you find your bling. My motto is: you can never have too many sparkly things. Perhaps they are hiding where ever all my congratulation/graduation stamps are??

BTW I really like your cork floor and that window is beautiful. I have craft room envy!

Hope things go better for you.

Theresa said...

I knew I liked you! both of those are pet peeves of mine too. I would of thanked you for holding the door for me :)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

OK, those would both bug me too! I'm big on being considerate of other people and both of those show that people are selfish and not considerate of others. Blech.

Hope you've found your bling! It's going to be in the last box you look in, you know :)