Monday, February 01, 2010

My little room....

I'm so excited! We (my husband) finally tore the carpet and padding out of my little stamp room. We (my husband) made an appointment to have the installer come down and measure the room for the cork floor. Hopefully it won't take too long.

In the meantime, I (really this time) am going to remove the frog border and my husband will prime and paint it a celery green.

I'm a little nervous about making decisions on how to organize because once it's done, I don't think my hubby will want to revisit it! We have several other rooms to finish in the house.

Here are the before photos. It's so hard to take a picture of the whole room.

Here's the cork floor. It's hard to imagine what it'll look like but I chose it because I'll be wheeling back and forth with my chair and the guy at the store said it was easy on your hips, back and feet. Can't wait to have it installed!


Peggy said...

Yippee!!! Can't wait to see you post cards on a regular basis again. I miss seeing them.

maia said...

yipppeee !!!! You (your hubby ;-) ) deserve a great something for stripping the floors. I want those cork floors, I think they would feel nice on your feet. Can't wait to see your new room and your cards/layouts.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ooh, yeah, how exciting! I know you're so ready to have it done and be able to just hang out in there :) Celery green sounds so pretty and soothing, can't wait to see the pictures. And cork flooring, sounds cool, but I don't think I've ever heard of it. Good for noise control and maybe on your feet, what was the thing for going with that? Pretty cool :)

Hope it all comes together quickly!!!

SnoopMurph said...

Wow, it's a great room-love the window. Cork floor sounds really different and I bet it will be great in so many ways.

Celery green sounds really pretty-I do like the blue too. :)

Have fun getting it redecorated!

Kristen said...

Yahoo..that room is going to make a FABULOUS craft room. When can we come and play?????