Monday, November 30, 2009

Disappointment and disconnection....

 had to be one of the most disappointing days of my life! After a long 6+ weeks, I thought we were going to close. We did the walk-through on our house and were driving toward the closing when my attorney called. He was waiting for a final approval from the bank and it didn't happen. While we were waiting to find out if it was off, we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant and it was closed. Gotta love Mondays. So we headed to another and had burritos and margaritas. I should have had a few because then we found out it just wasn't happening today.

Tomorrow is another day and I seriously hope I don't waste more vacation time. I'm waiting until the last possible minute to leave work.

If we do end up closing, we will not have internet service at home until Friday.


Peggy said...

I was thinking of you yesterday. I am so sorry it didn't happen. Keep us updated. I hope you get to close soon.

Mary C said...

Oh Michelle I am so sorry to hear your news. I will keep my fingers crossed that the bank gets its act together and you sign today. We'll be waiting to hear your good news soon!!!!