Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Terri Turbo Tax....

I had no play time again last night. I played Terri Turbo Tax and did my son's returns. I highly recommend filing this way, if you've never tried it. It's very easy to use and if you have your return deposited directly into your account, you see the money in just about 5 days. My oldest didn't have his checking info on him so he'll get a check in 3-4 weeks. It's free to use for a simple Federal return. I got a discounted rate on the State return through my union. I think the regular price is 29.95 and he paid $22.05.

Anyhoo, I seriously need to make a get well tonight for my friend.

p.s. I'm getting bored with PJ Man....plain black today. I'm sure the rest of you are bored with him too!! LOL


SnoopMurph said...

At first I thought you were borrowing my sister-in-law to do your taxes....which would be awesome because she is good with numbers.

We have yet to bring ours to the accountant, hopefully soon! A lot of friends are already enjoying their returns!

Theresa said...

returns- you can tell you don't live in CA where they are giving IOU's for returns.

So nice of you to do your son's tax returns- when I was just out of college my dad always enjoyed doing mine since they were so much easier than doing his.

enjoy the refund!