Monday, November 03, 2008

Good news, bad news...

What a roller coaster weekend we had. I will start with the bad news first. I hate to end on a negative note.

My youngest son lost a friend the other night. He fell from a building and died. He was only 20 years old. I'm so sad for his family. I couldn't sleep thinking about it. I just don't know how I could handle it. I tried to tell my son this is why we worry so much and they say, don't worry, I'll be fine.

The good news is that my oldest got engaged on Halloween! He had a concert and proposed to his girlfriend during the show. She gladly accepted! They don't have a date. I think they'll have along engagement. We are so happy to have her become a part of our family. They came to dinner last night to celebrate but it was not as happy as it could have been because of the sad news.

I didn't get any photos but they said they should have some of the show. I told my son he HAD to get some and to tell the photographers his mom HAD to do a scrapbook layout! LOL


Betsy in ar said...

Such a sad note. Prayers to all around the family

~**Dawn**~ said...

I'm sorry to hear about your son's friend. I can't imagine it from the perspective of a parent, but I do remember the first time I lost a peer. It's the first time you really have to face that your youth does not make you invincible.

Congratulations on your good news though! How exciting!

Pia said...

Oh Michelle,
That is too bad about your son's friend. I think my sister knows his family, my mother told me the same story this morning.

I am happy for your oldest son though!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Oh wow, highs and lows. I'm so sorry about your son's friend, how tragic. But I'm very excited about your oldest son's engagement - how wonderful to have a new daughter in the family :)

maia said...

Congratulations on the good news !
you'll be an MIL soon ;-) ... and how fun she's a scrapper too!

I'm sorry about your youngest ds' friend. Prayers to his family.

SnoopMurph said...

WOW! Congratulations to you, your son and future daughter-in-law! You must be soooo excited!

And I am saddened to read about your son's friend and my thoughts are with the family and your son, as it must be difficult all around.

Theresa said...

I am sorry to hear about your son's loss. Death is always sad, but for someone with their life ahead of them- it makes you remember how precious life is

...But really exciting news about your son's engagement- yes I agree with Dawn --pictures pictures pictures-- also I know there will be a great congratulations card for them to view soon!

Kristen said...

Congrats on being a future mother-in-law. How exciting.
I am sorry to hear about your sons friend. My prayers and thoughts are with him and his family.