Monday, March 31, 2008


First I have to say that my favorite radio station has been playing Drive by Incubus. I just love that song. I always wonder where these djs come up with songs from the past. I remember when my boys were teenagers and they loved Incubus. I was never a big fan but I thought they were the lesser of the evils. The other choices were Rage Against the Machine and a few other horrible heavy metal bands.

Second, I have spent SO much money over the past week or two. I have to stop! First the shoes. This weekend I placed my SU order. I don't have a total but it's well over 100. I placed an order with A Million Little Things for some cool Urban Lily secret cards and a bunch of other things, I ordered from Paper Wishes (pink scalloped circle punch & other), I went to the lss the other day and bought an Impression Obsession stamp, some Paper cuts scalloped cards and a bunch of other stuff. I got a Rubber Soul stamp set to make baby shower favors (travel set). The list goes on and on. Oh yeah, forgot about my Lia Sophia order from yesterday. Yikes...I have to stop!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I'm so afraid of the freeze I'll be in again for a long time.


Becky said...

WOW looks like you are on a shopping spree!!!!

I love your acrylic album btw,great job you did with it.

Stacey said...

It adds up quickly, I know. I'm a digi scrapper and so far have kept costs that part!

SnoopMurph said...

"Drive" is on my iPod playlist and I love it. One of my very favorites.

Oooh, new toys! Excellent!

Jean at Penny Lane said...

WOW that is a huge SU order! I get mine off eBay. LOL

I just put a dent in my pocket book with a large order from Invoke Arts.

It is like you can never have enough images!