Monday, March 03, 2008

A couple more and a funny...

I forgot to post this door. It leads out to the back yard where we normally snowmobile from. The hot tub is completely covered - you cannot see it!!!!

Front corner of the house:

The funny - I've discovered my need to neaten things up is even evident on the snowmobile trail. As I was riding along, I was trying to smooth out the bumps with my machine. It was SO powdery and there was way too much snow so I had to do my part. LOL My son was doing the same thing!!

It was a good trip. The boys got more riding in than I did. My friend wanted to go back after a bit and the guys decided to go another way so I felt obligated to go back. Thank God I did! They came across a washed out area and had to go through mud and stuff. Our friend's sled got stuck and they had to pull it out. So I was happy I wasn't with them.


SnoopMurph said...

WOW! That is quite a bit of snow!! My toes are cold looking at those pictures.

Glad you had fun the pictures.

(p/s Phoenix=72 degrees)

Becky said...

You can barely see the house back there.
Thats alot of snow.

maia said...

re the picture with the door, the snow looks like giant popcorn or cottonballs ;-) ..

Kimi said...

THAT is a lot of snow. Too funny about "neatening the trail"...I do that with my car, lol. I try to flatten down any high spots as I drive. This year, we've only had snow I didn't get to clean the roadway as many times as last year.