Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A card for a boy...

My friend sent me an email yesterday about a little boy who has cancer. She volunteers for a wonderful organization called and they were asking for cards for a six year old boy named Thomas who was having a tough week. He loves getting mail and they thought it would be fun for him to get some cards, especially from out of town. I automatically went to my Dustin Pike file because I knew there were some knight images I could use to make his card. I ended up with a knight and a horse. Maybe I can post the card later. I'm not done yet.

As I was making the card, it hit me that I should ask Dustin to post on his blog. I didn't expect him to do it since I'm sure he's innundated with requests. I was blown away tonight when I opened my email. He put a freebie up with Thomas' story. I am forever grateful to him. He's so kind and generous!! If you don't know about him, please go and check out his talents and the story of Thomas.


Marlene said...

What a fantastic cause!

Spyder said...

How Fabulous!! I've just finished two boy cards using Dustin's images, they are such fun!