Sunday, June 06, 2010

Been a long time...

I don't know what happened to my nice easy life. I can't seem to keep up these days and I'm not sure why. I'm scrambling to make cards last minute and I hate that! I made some monogrammed cards and a shower card the other day and they came out pretty good. I finished the bridal shower card the night before the shower! I didn't take the time to photo them. The bride-to-be raved about the card and then saw the monograms in the bag. She went nuts! I was so happy to have everyone ooohing and ahhhing (they're obviously not stampers). It's worth the effort I put into them. My cousin, the bride-to-be's future SIL piped in and said, "You should have seen the scrapbook she made me for my baby shower!" It made me feel good.

Anyway, I need to squeeze in a card tomorrow for my mom's birthday on Tuesday. I have the day off because my hubby is having a procedure. I'm thinking good thoughts and he's thinking negative. It's always the way. I hope all goes well and I'm right.

Just had to add these photos without the whole face. I didn't get permission from the gorgeous bride-to-be so I cropped the photos. My aunt sent us the album today. p.s. the white bow is just holding my cards together.

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maia said...

I'm glad you got the oohs and ahhs you deserve, I am sure they are lovely. I hope your hubby's procedure and results are all okay.
Missed your posts! ;-)