Monday, April 26, 2010

Missing my stamps....

The closest I came to getting into my stamping room is by giving tours of my house yesterday. I had a jewelry party yesterday to help my niece/godchild out. She is just starting out. I had a good turnout for her so that was great!

No one has seen my new house yet so I spent a good part of the weekend cleaning, organizing and cooking for Sun. We finally got the little bathroom painted and put a curtain up. The only problem is my husband couldn't get the mirror back on because it had globs of adhesive. We went to Lowe's Sat. night to see if we could get a new one but they didn't have what we wanted.

We did leave the store with a ton of solar lights - posts for around the pool, tiki lights around the pool and a set of landscaping lights for the front walkway. They look pretty cool! My hubby was so excited last night after dark. He saw two light up and then three and so on. It doesn't take much to make us happy! LOL

Anyoo, we had fun seeing family and friends. Some of them stayed long after the party was over so we didn't end up getting Chinese take out until about 9. I'm wiped so I don't think stamping is on the agenda for tonight....

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maia said...

hi, hope you were able to rest and indulge on your stamping mojo.
I am missing all of my mojo. I just have simply too many things to do so my spare time is directed to that. And when I have a downtime, no inspiration comes so there I sit but no spark ;-).

just dropping by while I'm trying to setup my new blog.