Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chit chat and a question....

First off, I started out coloring an image in last night for a male birthday. My son came in and asked if it was cool for him to use the basement. I said yes, of course. Up I went with a clipboard, my image and my prismas & gamsol. That's as far as I got.

So....this morning I was seriously contemplating wearing sandals with my slacks. I put them on, got as far as the garage and then realized how horrible my feet looked. I never wear sandals without my toes polished. I ended up putting on some clogs instead.

Do you know that students and others here have been wearing them for at least two weeks or more. Shorts too!! I mean, don't you think it's rushing the spring to be wearing those things in 50 & 60 degree weather?!! I do. When my son's friend walked in my house in short shorts the other night and it was not even 50, my eyes popped out of my head!

On to my ride in...I was listening to a dj talk to a guy who called in about his wife taking their FOUR year old daughter to the day spa with her. Ummm...unless you're someone like Britney Spears, I think it's completely ridiculous. I understand giving them a little manicure but this was a facial, mani, pedi, etc. - exactly the same services as her mommy was getting!

Off my rant....Do you consider yourself high or low maintenance? I am definitely low. I've only had one facial in my life - when someone gave me a gift card for a bday. I've had a handful of manis and pedis - again, gift cards or getting ready for a trip.

If I had a lot of money, I would love to get a weekly mani and monthly pedi, but I see it as a waste of money I do not have. I paint my own toes and nails unless it's a special occasion like vacation or wedding. Then I love to get a french manicure on my natural nails and I can't do that myself.

Sorry for being so long winded this a.m.!


Betsy in ar said...

low, low maintenance here. I just looked in the mirror here at work and realized I don't have any make up on. And that's after going to the eye dr this morning. I look like crap. At least I have on clothes today and not scrubs. And no pedicure for me. I thought about it, but that would mean shaving my legs, lol!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Great post! It's hot here, so people have been wearing shorts and sandals for a while, but like there, they started when it was still pretty chilly. To me, I won't wear shorts and a sweatshirt when it's 55 degrees!

I painted my toenails for Easter (first time I wear open toe shoes to church or anywhere else, for that matter), but hated doing it. For whatever reason, I don't enjoy that portion of being female!

I've never had a mani or pedi, so at least in that sense I'm low maintenance. Certainly not in other areas, LOL! I have no fingernails (serial biter here!) and horrible feet, so I don't see myself ever getting either. I do try to make my toes and feet look halfway not-horrible once flip flop season arrives, but I don't work extra hard at it :)

Have a wonderful day!

SnoopMurph said...

Shorts in 50 degree weather-I'd be bundled up in my jacket and closed toe shoes for sure!

I am low maintenance, but I get to the spa at least once a year with Terri and I used to do a pedicure on my paydays, but cannot afford that any longer. I do keep my toes painted as I wear open toe shoes for most of the year, although my heels are icky. I don't get manicures because I play guitar.

One thing I am neurotic about is eyes-I always curl my eyelashes and put on some mascara.

mamichelle said...

Let me just add, when it comes to makeup, I'm high maintenance. I don't like to leave the house without a face complete with mascara, eyeshadow, liner, concealer, foundation, blush and definitely lipstick!! My lips are very pale and I look sick without it.

And I'd never leave the house without washing & styling my hair. I don't have a wash & wear style.

maia said...

I am low maint... no need to remind you about the pedi power sander ... ;-) j/k.

I have a question on coloring though. How do you decide what color to use on the image. Do you first look at the papers you are going to use and color to complement ? or do you color your image and then find what paper suits it ? hmm seems like the 1st option. Is that how ?

Kimi said...

I'm very low maintenance. I'm like you & only get manicures for a wedding or special event. Otherwise, I do it myself.

Paula said...

I'm super low maintenance...heck, most of the time I go without cutting my hair for months on end (well before my NEW style now, that is...the old style was ponytail...LOL) I've only had a pedi ONCE, about a year ago for BIL's wedding (this is the one NOW getting the divorce) I think I'm a low maintenance gal...and facial, isn't that some soap put on wet skin? (teasing no wonder that Mary Kay lady had a field day with me BEG!)

Jean at Penny Lane said...

Visiting and noticing that your cards look great.

I know what you mean about the shorts. I saw people this winter wearing them while snow was on the ground. The pants must have been in the laundry? Crazy.

That is pretty amazing about the little one getting all the fine treatments. Since she is four, wonder if she got a pint sized discount?

Anyways, I will answer your question -- I am low mantainance person and do most everything myself, like you, on occasions but leave the house looking glamorous.